Morning heals what the night has broken
From dark to light with words unspoken
What the night has woken, the sun lays to rest
Rays of light hunting the evening's nest
Eyes are opened and colour is spread
and darkness flees on it's icy sled
The sun stands tall, proud and bright
to which the eagle commends with flight
Day has entered with matchless glory
but it only tells half the story
For as the day begins to fade,
darkness falls with a deadly shade
with light's final hope torn and shaken,
the night claims back it's kingdom taken
And even though the moon brings hope,
the dark reigns above the colour scope
Dark is all and all till then,
But fury awaits when day breaks again...

by Saint Seven

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I just have to say one thing...i have just read all four...and they are the most beautiful words i have ever read. Your words take my breath away! Your beauty of Soul shines on these pages. Four tens from me, and if i could have given higher i would have. Best wishes, Theodora onken
Awesome my brother...awesome