Poem Hunter
DK (1951 / UK)


Do you know what it's like to feel dead at dawn?
To have slept sleep fragmented and feel battered and torn?
Do you know what its like to feel cast aside?
To feel that you're nothing, no arms open wide?
Do you know how that emptiness feels?
When your own weird imaginings become more than dreams?
Do you know that weird feeling of what's going on?
When all seems a nonsense and reality's gone?
Do you know how rejection hits sharp at the heart?
And makes you feel worthless and not know where to start?
Do you think of the other or just of yourself?
When things get so painful and you're out of your depth?
Do you ever once ponder on just how I feel?
Or do you once think that my feelings are real?
Or do you define things in a different way
And just wish that those things would all go away?
Here we agree more than you'd know
These feelings I have I just wish they would go
But wish as I may it's not worth the thought
They stay there, they haunt me and torture and taunt
But, then, as you say, its my problem not yours
So, all I can do is not enter the door
That once had a welcome and feelings inside
And so it is now that we have to decide
If we should move forwards or give it all up
It's so simple you see when enough is enough.


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