MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Dawn Awaits

Discussions falter, tempers fly
Battles and wars increase
Where men, women and children die
Devoid of inner peace

Evil flourishes everywhere
So few yet understand
Why nought and no one seems to care
Why pestilence floods the land

Fools may wonder about the fuss
Failing The Truth to see
That only grace reveals it’s us!
Unwilling to be free

To leave, no more to look behind
All bridges break and burn
To give the past no further mind
And never to return

Cast aside things foul and rotten
What flesh and bones degrade
To reach for that, by most forgotten
For that which cannot fade

To drink from life’s eternal streams
To eat as few before
To leave behind all selfish dreams
And enter evermore

Beyond this realm of salty tears
Of bitterness and pain
Till selfishness disappears
And shadows cease to reign

Then Heaven’s Light will surely rise
God’s Truth will kiss the dawn
Lost souls will open wide their eyes
And truly be reborn

by Michael P. Johnson

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Awsome Michael, if only man would learn from the past to seal a more god given future, there might be some hope for us yet. A very worthy 10. Nice work Adam