Dawn Breaking

Dawn brought a ray of sunshine
and a light mist above the bay.
A ray of hope for everyone
for a bright new summer day.
Flowers slowly opened their petals,
spreading beautiful colours everywhere.
A patchwork quilt of wonder,
coming alive before our eyes,
with the dawn breaking
across the dark night skies.

by David Harris

Comments (4)

YOUR words are like the sunshine on a summer day and who doesn't love summer in all its glorious wonder...Bravo David, AGAIN! ! ! mm.xo.~~~
' Tis a true ray of sunshine, indeed, this Poem be, Sir David! ...Told you i'd visit! ~ ~ ~
What a brilliant way to start a weekend, but to find this gem waiting in my inbox...10
thnx for regaling us...i could visualize every bit of it...david.