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Dawn Breaks
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Dawn Breaks

On his veranda,
Gentle breeze roams hither thither seeking his skin to caress
The mild sun piercing curtains his pale skin to kiss,
The rose garden bides be watered
And the homing pigeon lie in wait be fed,

The door keys dangles waiting grips to disengage
The spoon like the rusting hoe hopes his grasp
Babbling stream anticipate arrival yet not as his farm earth
And through this, his alarm, the rooster cease not crow

But cold was he, trapped in solemn sleep
His hand stiff as poker, like was some freezing wintering night
Through the earth, across oceans, beyond deserts journeys him
His soul threading the highways to eternity,

Traveling softly on a long long journey of unending roads
Traveling gently beyond evil realms as his bulb set out,
Saying goodbye as dawn breaks.

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