Dawn Is Approaching

To meet nevermore?
She cries into the night, screaming for the lost one,
The one whose heart had always rung pure and true.
Alas, nobody hears her safe for the whistling trees
As the deafening wind whips through their branches
And the family of deer, oblivious to the
Anguish and sorrow deep in her heart.
Only he, the one she cried for, could understand this.

Their love was not fake, as they had said.
It was not mere lust.
She knew this everytime she looked into his eyes.

It was raining now and he had not arrived.
But, then, what had she expected?
He would move on, she was convinced.
Their forbidden love was over now,
Forever and for always.
Dawn is approaching, she realised.
They would meet nevermore.

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