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Dawn Of Night
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Dawn Of Night

When is darkness companion -
Oh sparkling twilight's
Last presence of the sun,
Yielding to the progress of time;
She creepeth down the still water -
Gazing a mile along the shadows,
So deep we drink of purity -
When is all centricity:

Self-, Christ-, You-

Of winds prevailing, how we pray:
Let them set the sails -
Love and lovers banter,
She expresses adulation;
Ah, that soul of metaphors -
When is darkness warmth, warm
As comfort that she's known -
Wraps her in the settling blackness;
Rapture in the dawning night.

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Comments (2)

I like the first part and some of the second, good job......
An excellent mixture of free verse and lyric poetry. This is the type of poem that forces a reader to 'read between the lines.' Great poem! - James