You're the best thing that has ever happened to me
I wouldn't have ever imagined having someone as good as you
Someone that I instantly knew I'd have to marry
Someone I know that will always be true

Someone worth all the waiting I've done
Someone who is smart, pretty, and fun
Someone I can give my heart too
Someone I know that wont be untrue

Someone that makes me smile without even saying a single word
Someone who makes sure that 'I Love You's are constantly heard
Someone I can spend the rest of my life with by my side
The only one that I want to be my bride

by Claude Davis III

Comments (5)

You have a distinctive style, which I hope you don't mind me saying, has an almost childlike feel in places. I find this gives your work great charm, as in Dawn of Spring, and a pleasure to read. Patrick
Very nice, nice, nice! ! ! I liked this one and the subject was great. Love Ernestine XXX
This poem resonates with perfect rhythm & rhyme. It is such a joy to read aloud. The Sring-Like portrait, painted with your pen, is very vivid due to excellent description using selective words. Loved it! Deanna xx
Rosie, we seldom have much springtime here in the South, but we had a lovely one this year, and now it is cold again, so maybe we'll be blessed with another as lovely as this one. Great read! Scarlett
The four seasons captured in verse.What a wonderful have the poets gift of being able to move the spirit to greater heights.Love Duncan