Hourglass Of Time

O, ocean, my fluid confidante
Soothing me in times of uncertainty
Sprinkling her brown sugar sand on my wounds
As she gently blows my hair away from my eyes

Allowing me to share her with all in need of comfort
Or a desire to walk on her dock of wisdom
As the clouds converse and whisper freely
Above her shore to all who are willing to listen

Foaming waves are blue soda floats that crackle on the shore
Loyally synchronizing with the moon tide
Unconditionally remaining patient as
Tots with tiny shovels rearrange the sands in this

Hourglass of Time

©2013 All Rights Reserved

by Holly Jamestone

Comments (2)

a very creative piece. sometimes, we really need to be still and listen to nature. Beautiful write up.
What a beautiful dawn, I feel like I was there to feel the song.Great creation Leslie!