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Dawn To Dusk

planet earth
hurling into the universe
magazines of starry galaxies

the sun
striking its blush
across the dawning sky

the finch’s song
morning glory

first spring breeze
the swing in the tree
feeling a tug

the river
its stories serial
pools of final mysteries

river’s cliff
calm waters
edging intrigue

shadows of dusk
a mockingbird mimics
Debussy’s l’après-midi

solo flight into the azure
a cumulus cloud of quietude
shimmering stars full of song

gods in eternity
nothing more to say

- April 1,2008

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It's an open and shut book - er no, it's a high quality impressionist poem from start to finish with musical accompaniment and superb illustrations. This was a very refined multi-media experience Ben! Open enough and moving at just the right tempo to give us time to look around, think it through and revel in its riches and the richness of its sparsity. Master craftsman at work! jim PS. No, I've not encountered that Argentinian poet you mentioned, but will look him up. I've little experience of South American writers it seems - GGMarquez (OHYOS -brilliant) and Neruda (very slightly) is about it which seems seriously deficient. I've read a huge amount, but mainly European and US stuff. Damn! Wasn't aware. (Walcott - almost qualifies) ? Got me thinking. Ouch.