CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Dawning On Us

In thy own begining I belong to sorrow.
Common Is the fate of poverty which leave tommorrow.
I never learn to cry it came along with the ride.
In the wind there life passing you by.
What I a sigh but not a relief.
Another child die born to these streets.
I do write what I see the wiegh of tragedies sink me deep.
What so unique is the way people change underneath.
I reach so far for a hand but never even touch a finger.
This is love when hate seem to linger.
No one I believe no one want to care about our children.
There enough pain but never a simple healing.
Time is revealing this world is past it due date.
How much more can you take.
One word I say care but no one wants to hear.
We can climb the highest moutain.
But when will we discover love thru all the midst of these tears.

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