Abc Of Safer Sex

There are three ways to prevent HIV/AIDS
Rather be sorry afterwards, follow the ABC
of safer sex!


This means not having sex, not having sex at
all can be very difficult for many people.
You could choose a different kind of sexual
expression such as masturbation either on
your own or with your partner.


Only have sex with your own partner.
If you break-up or find a new partner,
you need to know that that person does
not have an STI or HIV then you needs
to trust each other for life.
Be honest and tell your partner if you
are unfaithful so that your partner can
be protected by using a condom.


Use condoms,
If you can not manage without having sex
If you have more than one partner
If you don’t know whether your partner is faithful to you
If you think your partner might have STIs or HIV

by Kholekile Monakali

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Short, beautiful and yet so deep in meaning.
Hats off to the flight of imagery that produced such a deep poem in most simple and a few words.
I am Night, I take again...
Life and glory! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Amazing the first catch of the word Day. Amazing! Real honor PH has offered by selecting this four lines poem of the poet. Resounding loudly through the unseen conscious....... I am Day. Metaphorically excellent.
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