Day 5/Minetta Lane

“One caviar crab roll, PLEASE, and one fork.”
The lady gives me a baffled look
and hands me a pair of chopsticks.

Moving on up to the other side of town,
it's cool in a way that makes you feel
like it won't be cool for long.

driving high down Park Avenue
even rolled windows can’t keep out
the scent of extravagance;

best-dressed black women i ever seen
pretty Asian girls in American fashion
American girls don’t yet know about.

i catch the eye of Minetta Lane.
how sweet are you—
tell me, where’d you get your charm?

Do you e'er tire of the amount of
dog compilings you’ve had to consume?
or of people riding their bikes down you?

Yet it seems even the grandmas dress
their Sunday best to stroll your afternoon.

Can i sit on your steps for awhile,
watching, wanting, waiting for nothing.….


by s./j. goldner

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Comments (2)

maybe not your best work, but does have that detached, wistful observer's charm that's become your long suit.
I love those moments of emptiness as the world just turns around you