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Little Purple Flower
CH (21/07/83 / Dublin)

Little Purple Flower

Poem By Aufie Zophy

Day and night intertwine
Darkness and light outside of time
No hills no lakes, no land nor sea
This is truth, this is me.

Chained in a cage of sorrow and pain
A world in a planet going insane
Deceit of love runs through and through
And that is the lie that is you.

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Oh snap, yer last line is more of a kick line than it is a punch line. Nice shot. Indeed, 'tis quite telling of an ending and correlates well here with the sense that there is surely an underlining darkness to be cast as love as being the ever inevitable antagonist. Such is love I suppose. Cool verse, I like. Keep well, 'Anna
i really like this poem...'chained in a cage of sorrow and pain, a world in a planet gone insane'...very powerful words..thanks for sharing