Day At The Beach

I met you in the coffee shop,
You smiled at me and said,
Let’s take today and steal away,
Off to the beach we’ll head.

We drove to Maine along the coast
The sun was shining bright;
No rain forecast, a gentle wind,
A lovely day, to our delight.

The sun was hot, we took a swim,
Then walked along the beach;
We picked up beach glass from the sand,
A pocketful for each.

We spread a blanket on the sand
And ate our picnic lunch;
Brought sandwiches and Snapple tea,
Some potato chips to munch.

And after eating hungrily
We took a little snooze;
But didn’t sleep too long, of course,
No precious time to lose.

And when the day was over
We got back into the car,
Though a long drive was ahead of us,
We’d had a perfect day, by far.

by Gail Grierson

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Ohhhhhhhh...doesn't that sound wonderful. Thank you for this lovely poem. After a week of rain and cold...these few moments of sun and fun were pure heaven! ! ! ! Great poem! Hugs, Dee