Day By Day

I blink back these tears everyday.
I hurt when I hear you say.
That I never cared, that my friendship wasn't true or fair!

Yet day by day I take my 'Q' and I try to talk to you.
As friends fall apart and you ask 'why? ',
I will be standing there contemplating as time goes by.

You say I'm giving up but when you have fallen down whos trying their hardest to get you back up?

You will never be replaced, this is true I couldn't replace you, its not something that I would do!
You made footprints in my heart so deep sometimes they hurt and bleed. These footprints will never be washed away they are etched in forever. As I blink back these tears of rain I realize today that you will always be in my heart forever, no matter what you say! No matter how much it hurts and bleeds these memroies will never cease!

So I blink back these tears and forget what you said cause inside I know what you truely meant!

by Chantelle Clark

Comments (4)

I can feel the love and pain in this one. Sadly, friendship can be a rocky road sometimes. You've captured it so well.
Very deep, well written out, This is true in a lot of cases. I can relate to it. 10/10, well done :) Ronan.
I hear the sad song playing in this one, Chantelle.Thank you for sharing. Kind regards, Sandra
this is a great poem. You seem like the perfect friend. All the best Love Becky