Day By Day, Night By Night

Day by day
night by night
she takes a walk
she looks up in the sky
and stares at the shining stars
she sarts to think...
why is he so far?
why cant we be together?
show me a sign....! please? !
she starts to cry
as she walks in the light
she sees him walk passed her with someone else
they both stare at each other with such sorrow
she runs crying
wishing it was her right beside him
day by day
night by night
days pass
she disappears he wonders where his love had gone
now she's no longer around...
she has now bound elsewhere
he wonders where she'd gone to...
he now stares at the stars
wondering how deeply did he cut her
wondering how many scars he left...
he now walks into the light
he sees her passing by with someone else
as she passes they still look at each other with such sorrow
he wishes that he had her right beside him at that instant
they both dissapear and now both have no idea what had happened to their love....
day by day
night by night
they both see the shinning light
they follow it
and they find each other once again...
they've recovered their sorrow
they've now been given a chance to be together
as they wished...
day by day
night by night
everything seemed to come out right....

by Arissa Hernandez Castro

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