Day In The Sun

J-ust have your day in the sun,
A-s the people see you;
N-ever will they ignore the nice and pleasant view.

D-ay in the sun is fine,
O-n the thirtieth of July;
M-orning has just broken
I-n the face of the sky.
N-ow keep the day in the sun,
I-t makes your life brighter;
C-herish the dawn's beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

M-eet your day in the sun,
A-fter the twilight time;
R-aindrops and chill turn
I-nto a Sunday sublime.
N-ew onlookers arrive,
A-ttention from them has begun;
S-tay strong and appreciative to have your day in the sun.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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Meeting day with sun is beautifully presented with best birthday wishes and interesting presentation. Wonderful sharing is done....10