Day Of Older Persons

Poem By Kumarmani Mahakul

Imping mind through their care,
We dream to become young,
In wisdom of God to follow steps,
Old age reality is cared by honesty,
Ever we bless the followers!

On this day of older persons
Cloud is crying from deep night,
There is no power, no light,
No monsoon, but low pressure lives,
Sparking light is gently smiling,
Unsteady wave is pulsating!

When motherly touch we get
From the tender hands of
And when they feed us like
Our own grandmothers,
We venture towards a new day!

When other surpass us thinking
Leaden men are crying,
Musty clothes when we wear,
When many ignore us thinking
That soiled seeds are of no use,
We cry out in agony
But cleaning us in their pure hands
Astral angels take us into their lap!

Hoary hunks some call us in day
At night some call us
As gnarled stars of far galaxy,
When Mother Sun is near us,
We fear not to this old age!

When we show direction of light,
Giving a simple smile,
Washing our faces in an old towel,
From Grey Day to Green Day,
All invite us to become their guests!

Some say us as ripen fruits,
At any time without notice of others,
We may fall down from giant trees,
But Mother Earth never hates,
She gently beholds us and fondle us!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,30 September 2020. All eights reserved!

Note: This poem is written on occasion of The International Day of Older Persons which fall on 1st October of every year. Tomorrow is 1st October 2020, The International Day of Older Persons!

Comments about Day Of Older Persons

I am myself a senior citizen now. I am glad to read the respectful and uplifting comments of poetesses Susan Williams, Indira Renganathan, Valsa George, Bharati Nayak, Geeta Radhakrishna Menon and Sylvia Frances Chan- all motherly poetesses of PH. Thank you all for your kind, soft and soothing words, dear poetesses.
A befitting tribute to the older persons on this auspicious day. Thanks for the words of honour dedicated to the elderly people who live as a lighthouse on our life's shores. 'Some say us as ripen fruits, At any time without notice of others, We may fall down from giant trees, But Mother Earth never hates, She gently beholds us and fondle us! ' - Indeed! Older persons ultimately become children of Mother Earth again.
Loveliest poem about Older Persons. Ah, the 1st of October is The Day Of Older Persons. We take extra care for them and pay more attention than other days, when these older persons are in homes for older people, but if they stay at home with own children, they have already constant attention, so these children are celebrating this day and the older persons know they are loved very much.But how about the older persons who are alone and have no relatives to take care? To becontinued.
Indeed, old is gold. The experience of an older person can never be overlooked.When the younger ones look up to the older ones with a smile and a gentle touch, with care and love, life is worth living. An apt tribute to the elderly on international day of older persons. Thank you so much Kumarmani ji.
Dedication! ! Muse of the elders! Life's journey, Growing old. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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