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Day Of Reckoning

The sun scrambles over the hills
taking census of all its kingdom creatures,
holding them in its grasp
pillaging every forest tree
to an early awakening,

screaming onward
light skipping from wave to wave
capturing everything in its path,
shadows skittering to more safe havens,
snailing into their covered selves.

Now all is lit bright.
Fright has taken flight.
Everything bares its soul
to microscopic inspections.

There is no escaping now.
Drops of sweat appear on furrowed brows
Giving an account of their deeds.
This day is a day of reckonings
measured by the turning of the dial.

There is no stopping now.
Who can say what is false and what is true.
All appears in the light;
all in its naked truth.

- Sept.18,2007

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Truth is a sharp knife, a beast sleeping under our pillow.....
Love this personification of light; the line 'light skipping from wave to wave' seemed particularly apt. Very appropriate poem - with June having such long, bright days. -chuck
'All appears in the light; all in its naked truth...' Jesus said, 'I am the Light of the world...' must be a connection there, yes? Wonderful poem, I especially liked that second stance is its s'sssssssssss! Great writing.