Day Of Rest

Poem By AHO Speaks

It is Sunday and a day for rest
Even the Pelicans are still in their nest.
A beautiful sunrise on Keywest.

I wonder if the birds go to church or what is it they do
Birds look pretty and that is all they have to.
Maybe they went north like all the rest
The ones who are rich; and have more than one nest.
A beautiful sunrise in good old Keywest.

But they'll be back when they can't 'Venture Out'
In a few months, back to Venture In, 'they will shout'.

I just heard the first squawk but the bird is yet in view
Tired of sittring here with just me, and some one called, Y.O.U.

Here come the birds flying across the water
Do they have family members called sons and daughters?
Well I will cast my bread upon the waters
But today no peclicans; no sea gulls and no daughters.

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