JS (1/1/94 / space)

Day Of Sorrow

A day of sorrow,
a day of pain,
Not knowing who's to blame?

Towers standing tall and true,
Destroyed by people with something to prove.
Millions cried and millions prayed,
To save one life the heroes slaved.
Clearing the rubble and mounds of debris,
With tears in their eyes, they worked fearlessly.

Stranges wept for the many and few,
Hoping God will pull them throught.
I walk throught the valley of the shadow of death;
The last words spoken before we laid them to rest.

I cry with people I do not know,
To see their pain it hurts me so.
Maybe one day our pain will end,
With love and support from family and friends.

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a poem that good deserves more than forty dollars
Wow this poem is wonderful i really enjoyed reading it