Day Of The Dead

Day of the dead

He is asked:
'Set the scene for your song.'
He gave words; he had talks
And each word was my plane
They took me to the heavens
To Taiwan and Tehran; Peru
Star-like, a comet; easy, flew
From cultures to some faiths
Pope thought was sure; worst

Buda sat on a rack; in Taiwan,
Around him were things, food
Rose smoke from some scents
We the guests; silence-respect
Hosts sought help from a king
Prayers, sacrifice and feeding

In Tehran, To-days see Shiites
They mean mourning Hussein
Like Buda, great man, respect
Prayers, sacrifice and feeding

In Lima of Peru people rushed
Bringing flowers; food, water
Cleanings, they opened graves
Prayers, sacrifice and feeding

Pope's words, religious politic
Was to raise to skies Catholics
His mean thought, hiding facts
Facts of past, of people on land
His theft is clear; Give Names
Build palaces; on old-old bases
Itself prayer, sacrifice-feeding

by Nassy Fesharaki

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