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Day Or Night
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Day Or Night

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

I started to grow lonely
Then I saw your smiling face
You've got my love and respect, for life,
Something extremely hard to replace

My ex has betrayed the kids and myself
During times, I never thought he would
You, however, stood by me through the shit
Holding my hand, as if you understood

My heart's been bruised and stabbed
In numerous, countless little ways
I remember your fingers combing my hair
Waking me for work on many days

I hope you know that I love you
You reminded me of our year and a half
Since you first massaged my shoulders
Kissing me from ear to calve

You loved on me when I was married
Wow, goddamn, I was so fat
You kissed me making me feel sexy
And laughed as my tummy started growing flat

You helped to save my sanity
You let me crack up and clown around
You've given me self-confidence again
Still we make each other's hearts pound

To this day, I have trouble saying no
You know me well, inside and out
Loving me despite the fact
That we both run all about

Now I'm returning to the place
Where we've both gone through so much
Learning all about my true adult self
My brains, my sensuality and such

We've been gone to hell and back
Through all the girls and boys
All the partying and having fun
When I did screw up you didn't make a noise

Therefore, I need to tell you,
This is why I write,
If ever you need me, for anything,
I'll be there day or night


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