SS (30/12/1979 / Malaysia)

Day Two

Day One

Alarm rings. Wake up. Brush teeth. No toothpaste. Breath stinks. Get dressed. Run down. Open fridge. No milk. Open cabinet. No cereal. Blood boils. Water boils. Make tea. No sugar. No milk. Time check. Too late. Find shoes. Socks torn. Both legs. Wear shoes. Lock door. Run out. Missed bus. Get cab. Traffic jam. Forgot wallet. Goodbye watch. Blood boils. Hello work. Reached late. Boss fuming. Missed deadline. Coffee sucked. Late lunch. To cafe. Cute guy. And girlfriend. Blood boils. Work late. Head pounding. Go home. Termite attack. Wood gone. Blood boils. Don’t care. Sleep away.

Day Two

Alarm rings. Kick alarm. Alarm stops. Continue sleeping.


by Sharm Siva

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I like the stream of consciousness approach.