Awkward silences, as I eye your lips,
wondering if a kiss would be taking this relationship,
to a place you wouldn't want it to be,
only wanting me as a friend,
or just wanting to take it slow, don't want to begin,
rushing into something that has potential for such strength,
in a love, you and I have never seen,
hours of endless conversation,
trading vibes as we're waiting,
for someone to make the first move, to sooth our aching,
of engaging in passionate kisses,
hours seem to fly like minutes, whenever I'm in your presence,
wishing time would just stretch, to the point where it were endless,
or non-existent, stimulate the five senses,
our lips touch, our eyes close, though we see love,
smell fear of whats to come,
hear fireworks as we taste eachothers, tongues,
lunged in eachothers arms,
feeling harmless, like nothing can harm us,
since we're harnessed in harmonious emotion,
hands stroking eachothers flesh caressing sensitive areas,
as bumps develop on skin, and shivers start to begin,
to arise, butterflies in the pits of our stomachs,
then all of a sudden, I come back to reality,
the fantasy ceased,
wondering if you feel the same, or should I continue to dream?

by D'Angelo Lino

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The emotions expressed in this poem are excellently written, takes the reader in and journeys the entire entrails well done
Very well expressed.Good work.
keep up the good work