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Best Education

Best education

No one joked
No one was yoked
No chain was put around
Everything in order was found

Suddenly it changed
People got outraged
Murdered and looted
Even forcibly converted

The religions got bad message
Why was it necessary to print name of God?
Was it not sufficient proof?
That we had shelter and roof

Millions dies in this mad race
Still we many are killed in chase
No one takes responsibility
Only heaven is awaited to see almighty

"You shall be martyrs"
And stand at the door
The angels may garland
You will be in forefather's land

No one corrects concept
Same tempo is kept
Despite best education
And cordial relation

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The emotions expressed in this poem are excellently written, takes the reader in and journeys the entire entrails well done
Very well expressed.Good work.
keep up the good work