Daydream Nation

The people of the daydream nation is dreaming away
Of having things they can't have or can't buy
Because it costs more than the wages that they make in a day
That alone is a sin
Because the people of the dream nation have to work double hours just so They can buy the item in the store that they dream every single day
And the people of the daydream nation must understand that shoplifting Is a crime that puts the young people of the daydream nation in jail
That dirty and filthy little cell with only a toilette, a bed, a sink, and a door that keeps the young people of the daydream nation locked for 48 hours Or months
And now the younge people of the daydream nation have a criminal record
For shoplifting in the store of the daydream nation
Also when the people of the daydream nation fills the application there is a question that asks them if they commit a crime against the law that was Pannishable? yes or no? the people of the younge will have to answer it.
And if they commit a crime and answer it no they will never get that job
Because they lie on their job application form
But the restaurant owner needs to choose their stuff with caution when They are hiring the young people of the daydream nation
Also I belive that this daydream nation is bleeding day by day
Because it is hard to find a young person tha is honest and wants to persuit A dream and a life by earning a honest life
The job of the adults are to be that role model and to guide the young People to that straight road or path
Because once the young people of the daydream nation makes a mistake
They will have to pay for it
One way or the other
But young people of the daydream nation look into my eyes and I will tell you who your friends are
Also for every action there is a reaction
Young people of the daydream nation the way you make your bed that Is the way you sleep at night
Daydream nation needs to be repaired and that is why we need the Cops we have in the daydream nation to make the dream nation a Safer place to live but don't go and point your finger at me by saying that I am the Problem at the daydream nation
So please keep me out of your decisions when you make one by saying that All the problems that we are experimenting in the Daydream nation to be my fault
But the whole truth it is not because I don't cause problems for nobody
Young men of the daydream nation
But the other factor in the daydream nation Is the high cost of living
That we have to go throw in life to make ends met
Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't
But when we can't we are forced to live without it
Or get a second job
Also it is the recession that burns a whole in our pockets because Sometimes we even end up poor or homeless in the streets of the
Daydream nation
But than the homeless shelters fill up fast in the daydream nation
And when it is all filled up you have no choice but sleep in the streets of
Daydream nation

by Aldo Kraas

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