You and I to make a wish
Living for our daydreams
Feelings somehow to perish
Everything what of dream seems
Love songs into nowhere space
Not to be completely sure
Emptiness and full of grace
Coming here for evermore

Again and again to the night
Wherever our wishes go
Something from inside so bright
With everything to show
You and I always finding
What everything there means
Onto the spaces both riding
With our imaginary scenes

Daydreaming you and I
Finding the clouds of hope
Up up in the highest sky
Where the everydays elope

Love songs without a reason
Across the days of truth
Always for every season
In their eternally youth
Come here to give what seems
Nothing to hold too close
With their fantasy deems
Suddenly a puff away it goes

Daydreaming on and on
And feeling the shifting ways
So much of its occasion begun
In to ordinary simple days

by Peter S. Quinn

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