A moon shines brightly
as butterflies dance with the wind
and I am nestled up to you
enjoying hand-holding
and sweet smooches
as we watch the stars twinkle.
A comfortable sigh
as the night slowly passes,
so serene
I wish it wouldn't end.
We syncronize our breathing
yet I notice only momentarily
before a playfull hand
reaches in to tickle my side.
We are nothing but smiles,
knowing not a care,
then the night slowly passes
and I wake from my daydream
knowing that you are here only in my heart.

by Amanda Lukas

Comments (3)

This is a beautiful day dream that's not too far out to come true! I hope it DOES come true for you. This is a lovely poem!
Daydreams come true Amanda; butterflies will bring you the good news one day in a summer daylight.................when you open your eyes you may see the reality.Really a gripping poem and thank you.
Sweet, and then rueful. I liked the sweet better than the rueful!