Daydreaming (#8 From My Musical, Lyrics...)

All in the word, waking up dreams,
Stepping tonight into my own;
Changing the ways I thought I could,
Mystify days in darkish of wood.
Flying like kite rushing the world,
Daydreams it seems Icarus flight;
Stepping tonight on to the stars,
Flying away never like before.
Colour the days open new door,
It is like this, daydreaming on;
Caching a wish before it is gone,
All in the sky with castles in air.
Flying so high but still being here,
Mystify thoughts all on my own;
Then I'm caught by the ringing phone,
All in a world daydreams it seems.
Icarus flight steeping tonight,
On to the stars, yes on to the stars;
Further away than I imagined it to be,
With imagination I'll play, to see what I see.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)

by Peter S. Quinn

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