Im Scared To Say I Love You.

What would you do,
If I told you I loved you?
Would you laugh?
Would you cry?
Would you say you loved me too?

What would you do,
If I kissed you?
Would you stay?
Would you run?
Would you kiss me too?

What would you do,
If I talked to you?
Would I become a joke?
Would I see you again?
Would you talk to me too?

But I’m too scared.
I’m too nervous.
That you’ll laugh,
I’m scared that you’ll reject me.
And because of that
I’m scared to love anyone.
Ever, again.


by Danielle Vincenzi

Comments (7)

that took me back to my bful childhood days...! ! ! :) great poem
your daydreaming is similar with mine... a great poem...
Ah, sweet memories of carefree childhood, filed away so long ago... emerge, leaving us with a terrible longing to have them back...if only for a day, for a moment. 'You let me see the world Through your beautiful eyes And for the first time In such a long, long time It's as though I can see it With the carefree spirit Of the child I used to be...Before the worry Before the pain Before the heartache. It looks like my long lost Memories, so sweet...'
hey! i really liked this! ~ cool & original ~ for what is usually a hackneyed motif. SusxGLx
I love to daydream - this brought back some old memories of growing up. Loved it. Charmaine x
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