Heart In A Cage

Darkness are my days of youth
Opened my heart to a ripper of hearts
After she ripped and shuttered my heart into countless pieces.

I was left alone in the cold rain of December
Lovers in umbrellas passed me by as I gathered my heart's broken pieces.

Sat alone on a table for two on Christmas eve
With no one to tell "Marry Christmas "
My desert was bitter and sour

My heart is recovering
But I still worry for my heart
I will never open my heart again
I have locked it inside a cage
And it shall be kept there
Until that faithful day comes
When the soul meant for mine
Comes and frees my heart from its cage
And my heart will know love again...

Benson Buiswalelo S. 

by Benson Buiswalelo

Comments (7)

that took me back to my bful childhood days...! ! ! :) great poem
your daydreaming is similar with mine... a great poem...
Ah, sweet memories of carefree childhood, filed away so long ago... emerge, leaving us with a terrible longing to have them back...if only for a day, for a moment. 'You let me see the world Through your beautiful eyes And for the first time In such a long, long time It's as though I can see it With the carefree spirit Of the child I used to be...Before the worry Before the pain Before the heartache. It looks like my long lost Memories, so sweet...'
hey! i really liked this! ~ cool & original ~ for what is usually a hackneyed motif. SusxGLx
I love to daydream - this brought back some old memories of growing up. Loved it. Charmaine x
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