HMM (May 3,1981 / Olympia, WA)


In daydreams and nightmares, I may have what I seek
But in sunbeams my senses and actions grow weak
One step for another, yet far off is my goal
And the end lies inside me, but only when I am whole.
And the whole of myself is locked deep inside
In the place where my daydreams and nightmares reside.
It is the truth of my soul, it is mine, it is me
Yet I would give of it freely if there is one who can see.

One soul who is equal to my passion and bliss
One soul that awakes me with a heart-breaking kiss.
For my heart must be broken if my love is to flow
And love flowing freely is freedom, I know.
And the freedom to inspire, the brilliance of my light,
Asks all of my strength, though none of my might.

Gently broken, my love, my heart would be broken yet whole
If there were a place here to keep my body and soul.

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I am brought humble before such beautiful poetry. Truely gorgeous and moving!
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