Daylight Silence

Wind stopped, no sound is heard:
trees, flowers, grass and living
just marvel this ominous wonder!
No running away, movement is remote.
Birds fly no wind, wings stagnate
as if a stone impregnate a vacuum.

No breathe, time is suspended.
Everything is motionless,
dark awaits no sunlight fell.
Heaven's ward felt aloof,
no ocean temper between shores:
no seabed display of crystal chores.

Life isn't an alluring wish,
just suspended in two live races.
It comes to naught, frigidly zero
no reason to dwell, time's abhorred.
Wind's bottomless beauty ends,
Yes, a daylight silence mends.

by Gil Gregorio

Comments (2)

Yes, a beautiful combination … silence, as a poetic being … 10
so serene as I can imagine..nice descriptive verses on tranquility... well penned...a great poem.... Ency Bearis