Daylight Symphony

Beneath the cloak
of Irish skin lies
the cascading waters
of my veins;
yearning in silence
to caress the dreams
of daylight symphony
within the power of my mind.

'Hear me, stir me dear'
'Bring me to the lake
of the capricious ivory clouds
where spring roses blossom
only, only to our eyes.'
Wishful throbs enveloped
the daylight dreams
in melodious deep sighs...

by Catrina Heart

Comments (4)

Hello Poet Catrina. Wow! enjoyed your poem! ! ! I have been away awhile and wanted to thank you for your great support on my poetry in the past. Happy New Year! Loyd
a cryptic and wonderful pen I like this Great Job!
That was beautiful. Every time I read it I can extract different meanings. Truly a symphony.
Well expressed friend haha...