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Images swimmimg upon the wall
Faceless phantoms large and small
Dancing lights from candle glow
Magically moving to and fro
Morning peeking through the curtains
Raindrops singing at the door
Nightime creeping from the distance
Daylight yawning with a roar
Tender vigil of mournful sleep
Drowsely shaking its restful keep
Silence loiters in hushed devotion
Slumbers breathless solemn motion

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Comments (3)

Nice poem, no need for any changes....10+++
I love it as it is. I like the way you have the rhyming where some of the words rhyme at the next sentence then in the middle where the lines rhyme every other sentence, and goes back to rhyming every sentence.
This poem needs to be revised..any good ideas out there? The shelf life on this one is minimal...Louise