Come On Brothers

I am here,
Come on brothers,
We will go together
To measure the air,
To measure the water,
That are there
Within all creatures.
Creatures are here,
The plants, the trees,
The birds, the animals.
The mountains, the rivers
All are here and
They are all
Watching our actions
And reactions and
We are with them
To see our future.
We are here brothers,
To do our duties,
Our innate duties
Without hankering
After pleasures.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (12)

This poem seems to say that many of us should be searching for spiritual and peace of mind goals
Can anyone tell me who is the speaker, listener and the situation in this poem? =/
Hold's a religious tone, and one that suggests Emerson is exhausted by the practice of the mundane walk of the commoners life. For me the 'fillet' portion suggests that he is stripped raw to see before him the obvious pointlessness of it all.
so a beautiful poem.
dear poet when day offers you everything including the world, instead of just taking herbs and apples, you should have reached for the stars!
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