Days As These

No man can stand this gory sight
Let darkness hide us in the shadows of the night
Tell the sun to hide our abyss from his light
Our destiny is a height of pitiable plight

We eat with bloody hands at the brotherhood of love
Rivers of our reality, splits into delta of deaths,
And deaths and more deaths from above
Mother cries so hard none could console her

We sing songs of sorrow like they were dirge of joy
Names of the dead becomes forgotten on our tongues
They use to stick with brothers and sister
The demons of doom have made us their broken toy

The gone; journeys through the nightmares of our nightmares
Hacking and haunting, trying to relive in us, in dares
If your nightmares are our realities
It would be tagged a day of bliss

The tears of the dead unborn
Shrieks in unrestrained pain
Demons dancing on forlorn faces' lawn
I wonder who else had much to gain

Our In-laws have become outlaws
No measure of blood could appease his thirst
Ares we beseech thee; forgive us of your wars
Let your loins into the thighs of peace be thrust

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

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