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Days Go Bye

I ran so hard
so fast.
I left
and was gone.
You found me
on the floor of the world
Saved me from the cold
and brought me to the warm
Said thanks and left
Again gone

Morning came
Wake up
No one to blame
This is
the morning after
after the world
it's still coming

So you wake up
and just walk away
As if nothing ever happened
or maybe
it always happened
No secrets told
No lies broken

I had summer injected
to my veins
They stole away Christmas
They left the same
I lie here
blinking my life away
And I thought
this is how
they welcome me

The lights go on
the lights go off
I am still here
and you are too
I feel you here with me
there for me
holding me up
standing up for me
I'm not alone at all

It will fade out quickly
Then I wonder
what the hell happened?

Out of control
Out of my head

My life has been passed
down to me
I keep it alive
And when it tries to leave
Where has my week gone

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