A Blank Canvas

</>The many years I have lived without your embrace
Should suffice as penance, so that you may face
The prospect of forgiveness, vis-a-vis my once-held fears
That cost us a life together, while gifting only tears!
What is past is prologue, yet a blank canvas remains
With which we may paint a future together, to erase the pains
Of all that my mistake has taken from us.
All we need is the faith in our hearts, and some trust
In the serendipity of our divine re-acquaintance-
Where once there was anxious trepidation, there is now only patience
And the conviction of a soul, which needs for its mate.
My life is obsequious to the powers of fate,
Which brought us back to one another, so that we are now nigh-
Close enough to give one another try!

by Maurice Harris

Comments (18)

! am I and my circumstances said a famous Spanish philosopher called Ortega y Gasset. I think the spirit and words in this poem reflect the same idea.
SECOND and LAST PART: She always obeys the rules in her society. In this poem is her honest and free heart speaking. Royalties have constant duties in their society.What she cannot uttered to others in her society is written here. This i called her NOTES for herself, no poem, but her indirect complaints, noted in her block/agenda.
The other side of her life is constantly a life engaged in society. We forget that she is a society lady, she has always duties to do in her society, all things are arranged and noted in her agenda. When we have such a full agenda everytime, now then is this poem very logic to understand.
Oh, please read The Greater Cats by this author. It is lightning and all things powerful in a poem....so hugely better than this poem in my estimation. Victoria Sackville-West should be remembered by that poem rather than this one! ! I am very surprised that The Greater Cats wasn't chosen Poem of the Day rather than this piece.
I should think, with that attitude, that she would soon have every hour of every day to herself. I am a loner so I do understand her desire to be alone to do what she wishes to do with her time. On the other hand, it is good for the soul to have friends to expand your hours and your days into new worlds, into laughter, into sorrows shared. As far as poetry is concerned, this is well-constructed, well-written, and impassioned.
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