The Meaning Of True Love

A love shared, a life shared
Words spoken heart to heart

A true love kiss
From husband to wife

A love that lasts a life

by Ivy Schex

Comments (3)

This is a wonderful and beautifly worded piece Bill. It reeks of English style, in its metaphor (The sea) and its structure. I have, sometimes, railed against the English style for its parochialism, but this work cannot be seen as that. At one time, poets, painters, noveslist, saw the seaa a metaphor for British power. You seem to use it in the way that some have used the image of a flowing stream: to illustrate a changing world. Wonderful, Bill, simply wonderful.
Worth a 10 again Bill. Lovely expressed write, beautiful words woven together so well. Love Ernestine XXX
Very well said, I loved it! ! You have such a feeling for this poem! I hope that you keep this up you just might have a new fan :)