AF ( / Benson, Vermont.)

Days Of Bliss

Summer nights consume me.
My head is full of smoke
And my blue eyes are glazed with a red hue.
Just yesterday I was in your arms.
Drawn by your smile.
Embraced by your lips.

Fall brings change.
It brings new beginnings and reminiscing
About a hike at glen lake where
We opened our hearts to one another,
Let go of inhibitions,
And shared our first kiss.

Late nights turned into early mornings.
Fatties and live music.
Exchange of
Magic hat tops.
4.20 kits with colorful Canada Goose rollies.
One last passionate night by a campfire
In Benson.

Each moment is vibrant
And beautiful.
Committed to mind
But parting has made these memories precious.
As we ache to make more.

Distance tries to grasp us.
Control us.
Break us.
But it will not.

We are strong.

Soon life will make sense again.
Visits will be longed for,
And when they are achieved,
That kiss that we once shared
Will make the sun shine brighter
Than it ever has before.

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