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Days Of Love...
RJ (25 October 1978 / Bronx, NY)

Days Of Love...

Somedays I know you love me

Somedays I don't

Somedays I think we'll last forever

Somedays I think we won't

Somedays if we were any closer

We would be one body, soul, and spirit

Somedays you seem far away

Somedays the skies are so bright

Ribbons couldn't express our love

Somedays our skies seem so grey

Somedays this wound called life

Is eased by the ointment in your words

Somedays words just feel like salt

Somedays I create all our stress

Somedays it is all your fault

Somedays you're the mother of my children

Somedays you're just my baby mama

Somedays things between us are so happy

Somedays we just got so much drama

Somedays I feel like number one

Somedays I feel far down the line

Somedays I want much more from you

Somedays I feel like thats just fine

Somedays, 'I know we'll never make it.'

Somedays, 'We will die old together.'

Somedays it rains tears in my heart

Somedays we brave the stormy weather

Somdays I cannot be without you

Somedays I just want to be alone

Somedays I don't want to hear from you

Somedays I wait right by the phone

I cannot say what tomorrow will bring

Me trying predictions would be surreal

And though the past is full of memories

Today I feel....


by RichOne aka L.O.T.C.J.

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