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Days Unsleeping
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Days Unsleeping

Days unsleeping where will it end?
Smoke your soul away my friend
Learn to keep the devil at bay.
Though still you letters he'll send.

No more to know
No more to see

Nowhere to go
Nowhere to be

That's the mystery my child
Each born wild and to be tamed
First you are bathed
Then you are named.

Wash away the flesh of the womb
Open your eyes into the white room
Bright light bursts into cavernous cave.
Banished from a world of dreams,
At least for now to touch the earth.

How long shall we last?

Each of us our time
Our space beneath a burning sun.

And what to believe?
What we are told?
Stories of old?
Of Adam and Eve?

No sin my child is yours beyond ignorance of a world without.
No crime beyond the time and faults your own.
This earth our home is not your prison.
You'll see no bars, only clouds of obscurity that threaten your vision.
As though lost within an oasis mirage of reality.
It shifts as sand and desert dunes
Each to its own and distinct tune.
Yet the harmony prevails and on each wind a melody sails,
Calling from lost attics and from cobwebbed corridors
Into a new and blinding light. Only to see in closing our eyes.

Into the carnival madness stride. You've got nothing to hide
'We're all mad here'. Nothing to hide and nothing to fear.
Only the eyes of the wandering fool.
Merging through membranes into the next fall of the arcane.

You are the fool and the king of kings.
Know this above and before all things.

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