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Days When I Knew Them
CA (1990- / New York)

Days When I Knew Them

Poem By Carly Almonde

I knew them once,
saw them in the hallway.
saw them laugh,
and hug eachother.
She was bubbly,
He was a sweetheart.
But now both are gone.
How can it be that you see a friend one day,
and the next they are gone.
Killed in an accident,
the fault-the jeep.
She was 16,
and He was 17.
Too young to die,
so all anyone can do is cry.
Why should this have happened to them?
they were saints,
popular to say the least.
Loved by many,
this is all too much grief.
-In memory of Danielle Delgaudio and Tim Lawlor

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