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Daystar's Home
ODC (October 18,1995 / Marikina City)

Daystar's Home

Is there a spot where the sun lays to rest
When brightness escapes into the night sky?
Is there a cradle the stars call their nest
Where they can leave the sadness that passed by?

Is there a world where my heart can find peace
Because light appears in every corner?
Where is this cosmos the day does not cease
Nor hide even once, nor set to slumber?

I know it is somewhere in time and space,
Perhaps still keeping itself from our view
Until it finally unfolds in place
To be specially seen by me and you.

Because I believe there is more to learn
Of this residence, this sanctuary.
It is a temple where I always yearn
To walk on and find out its mystery.

For I heard that dawn is ever waking
There in its horizon, its glorious spheres
And the morning dew is always taking
Away the memories causing our fears.

Go, my spirit, and take wing to this land
It is not as far as you imagine.
Fly until on its very courts you stand
And utter the cry that was kept within.

Because this is your home; here, you can be
The soul can always have inspiration.
Beyond the edges, today you are free
It goes more than just seeing a vision.

But take account of the things you perceive
Lest this might be a stardust of the past.
And in remembrance, you know you believe
Never let go and make this journey last.

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Comments (32)

" Where is the Cosmos where the day does'nt cease" Great conceptualization. Well deserved poem of the day. Congrats.
Poetry of the day gives us universal hope
There are three parts to this good poem. The questioning, the answers to it, and the affirmation. I like much the rhyme-scheme. I think it is good and well-made.
Exhortative poem about an engagement with life! Powerful sense that light is ceaseless and the poet needs to find a shady dreamy place to rest and feel calm.
Ah after a long time I have seen a Poem Of the Day that is a poem per se. And lovely to add. Congratulations dear poet
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