Daytime Noise

Barking dogs and quarry trucks
Rambling down my street.
With so much noise in my ears
It’s really hard to sleep.

It’s a beautiful day, and I should be glad
That I’m here to see it,
But I just can’t think about that now
Cause the noise, I can’t flee it.

So I’ll drown it out with Rock-n-Roll,
And lay me down to sleep.
But the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
Just won’t let me keep

My eyes closed tight in satisfaction,
In my bed made of feathers,
So I’ll lay awake and listen to ‘em,
Cause their noise is much better.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (4)

Compared 'Beatles and the Rolling Stones' to noise! ! ! Could anger some fans..(I am not though) . Nice one.Enjoyed this.thank you.
Enjoyed this one Sandra Rusty
Thanks Kenneth, I took you're advice on this one... ;)
I'm jealous and wish I could lay back and enjoy some classic rock. I understand a heavy dose of Led Zeppelin has been known to drive away dogs. Kenneth