Dayton Winegar Is Dead

I cast the yellow light upon the picture.
Like cellophane it shines peeling away
the image hiding in a leafy parchment.
The camera clicks and whirs. Slowly,
the stubborn image reveals its secret;
the humble but proud mother with her
children. Even emotion is preserved
in sweet Donald's face a puckered lip
the sad eyes "Where Did Daddy Go" !! A shot is fired, but no one hears
A place of food, but no one eats
The people mourn, but do not cry
never to age never to die
a mannequin's face never lies

by Anthony C. Winegar

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I am researching my Winegar and Lovell genealogy and want to know more about Dayton Winegar, and the circumstances surrounding his death. I also would like to see a photo or two of him.