Dazed And Confused

Poem By Melissa Caron

The journey called life, is one we all take every day
All, searching for the same, each in a unique way
We must fight for what is right, even when we are wrong
We are creating our own story, inventing our own song
We are never alone, even if that's how we feel
That is just so we will appreciate what is real
There is a storm every day
There is someone searching for the will, failing to find
Their way
There is a broken heart felt, a loved one lost
Soldiers fighting a useless war, families paying the cost
Children are getting bullied, and abused
Today's society leaves me dazed and confused
Love is almost not existent, the world seems to be in a rage, lets turn the page
We need for love to take center stage
Lets walk a mile in each others shoes instead
Of playing with one's head
We as individuals hold together this earth
But, we second guess our brothers worth
Look at the good, see past the bad
No one wants to lose what they have, only to remember
what we had
Life is too short too live in the past
So me, I hang on to tomorrow, we never know which day will be our last
Life is a treasure
We can only create the value of its pleasure

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