Dazzling Darkness

While we move in road in the dark,
Still we hope more to walk and spark,
We see from far horizon twinkle star,
Then we go on long drive in body car.

Ignorance makes darkness in life fights,
Gift is wisdom dazzles more also lights.
Where to go in the dark road is unknown,
Still wandering gives way, mind is shown.

Waving away the dust particles we move,
Invisible wind flies existence does prove.
Removing pain in cold winter or summer,
Still life's song we do frequently murmur.

There is nothing to note here or there,
Notable is righteous work with true care.
Fair it becomes while we wonder more
Thinking always about to cross shore.

Darkness dazzles while appears light,
While God's grace falls on us as might.
Night leaves way to rays to enter Earth,
In devotion towards God satisfies birth.

Date: 26 November 2014

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (91)

Darkness dazzles while appears light, Dawning! ! ! ! ! ; To God be glory! Thanks.
Night-time is special; that is when you can feel God's presence. A convincing devotional poem.
A beautiful poem that showers wisdom. Wisdom takes away darkness. Well crafted and conveyed.10
We tread forth murmuring life song through darkness and God's grace fall on us.Quite optimistic. Thank you Kumaramaniji.Full 10
favorite line: Then we go on long drive in body car. i would expect one of the topics to be God. a bit too symbolic, perhaps, for me. the alliteration and the ' idea of ' darkness dazzling entertains me. bri :)
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