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UnveıLed EmotıOns
(1494-1544 / France)

UnveıLed EmotıOns

Hmm..How time flies so fast..so fast that it passes by like a whiff in a moment..About this time last month, things were all so rosy, full of bloom, looking promising like it never were ever going to come to an end. I feared for my life, feared for my heart. I feared for everything I held dear..tellin you bit my bit everythin I went through in my past and hopin that you weren’t comin on to add more to my long list of heartaches. You promised you weren’t..but you did..It’s no use sulking over spilt milk..so they say but once again.., my heart has been used by someone I so much invested all of my emotions into while it lasted..How time flies..In a moment..like a flower planted by the riverside, in due season..blossoming beautifully and in a season, withering away causing gloom to its vicinity. We live and we learn and once again, I have learnt never to surrender my heart again. I wasn’t naïve, neither was I stupid..all I wanted was to fulfill that part of me that gives to get but I met with a grid in your person. Even though it seems like everything is right…or so it seems cause you walked away without looking back..not even giving a chance to the good times we shared..how I thought all my words and actions meant a thing to you..How I thought you really were for real and not about the mundane which only last for a time..how I thought in my wildest imagination I’d met that half of me to rock my world..Rather than be my rock, you took the rock outta my feeble legs and rode me rough shod without the slightest empathy..Good luck to you..No hard feelings…I just needed to pour out my heart…BYE.

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